Testimonials and customer references

The Molinari family has obtained over the years several certificates and awards for its professionalism, company quality policy and offered products


Gambero Rosso

We’ve been regularly quoted for over 15 years on the well known patisserie reference guide.

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Air Dolomiti

Air Dolomiti has requested our products for their flights, in order to represent the Veneto regional specialties. Our pastries are on bord all of their international and domestic flights.


The Pope: The millefoglie cake

It’s our specialty! It is the Pope cake! What makes it so special?
The first secret is in puff pastry, the same one of the fine puff pastries but it must be as thin as a very thin veil. It has to be folded and folded again till you get that special compact looking dough but with over 150 and more layers, perfectly swelling during cooking and adding to that very dough an angel like lightness. The cream is made of simple but first quality ingredients: butter, eggs, sugar, whipping cream and some grated lemon peel. Its secret? You have to measure out all ingredients very carefully and never get tired of stiring them.

The best homemade Panettone of Italy

Molinari Bakery was voted among the best producers of Panettone in Italy – year 2013


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